This Week in the Library

I’m renumbering because it’s a new year! My second year in a school and my first year of running the library on my own. Things are already going really well and I’m already extremely busy. Here are a few highlights from this week.

Monday of this week was a bust because we had our back to school rotations and Institute. The rotations is when all the teachers split into departments and learn about any changes we’re making (like dress code policy) or any specific directions we’re taking (like posting learning targets for each unit). Institute is when the entire district gets together for a presentation by the superintendent about the direction of the school. After both of those, I spent three hours getting my patrons for the year imported into my circulation system. I had to fix some things the previous librarian had done, so it didn’t go as smoothly as it could have. It was a long day, and not very productive.

Tuesday was moving day! The Great Weed of 2015 left me 10 open shelves that I could part with. I donated them to the middle school since they need some shelving and I wanted to open up some space. I shifted some of my shelves slightly and  turned my tables to have more open space. Here are some of the transformations.

This is the left side of the library and the right side mirrors it, so I won’t bother showing both of them. As you can see, the short shelves are gone. I also moved the magazine shelves over against the column to offer better paths to the middle of the room and the left side of the room. Since I had all that space, I also turned all the tables 90 degrees and spaced them out a little more. There’s so much more space.

img_0395-300x224 img_07422-300x225

The tables used to have desktop computers on them, but they took up so much space and there were only 12 on each table so it split up classes on both sides of the room. We got rid of the desktops and I now have a set of 32 Chromebooks, so now the tables are empty. That means a whole class can sit on one side of the room!

img_0399-300x224 img_07372-300x225

The middle used to have one table and a bunch of comfy chairs. The chairs weren’t really set up for conversation, and I had two more round tables sitting by the circulation desk. I tried to arrange the chairs differently to encourage hanging out and I swapped out my tables for some of my chairs.

img_0404-300x224 img_0743-300x225

I also moved the charging station to the middle space with some chairs since students kept pulling up chairs to hang out at the charging station. We’ll see how that goes. I also spread out some of the chairs in little reading nooks so students have a quiet, solitary place to read or chill out.

img_0741-300x225 img_0744-225x300

I’m really happy with all the space. I mean, look at the open walkways between the difference library spaces!


Wednesday was the first day back for students. I got to meet all my library aides and get to know them a little. I have several and I already adore them. It’s going to be a fun year, I think.

Thursday was insanely busy. The first day back is usually fine for me because all the teachers are going over their syllabus and getting to know their students. The second day, though? It’s crazy. That’s when teachers start getting their kids set up on computers if their classes are in a lab. We also did some workshops on Google Classroom this summer, so many of our teachers are planning to use it this year. I spent most of my day looking up usernames, helping reset passwords, and putting in tickets to tech support for all the kids who don’t have usernames or GAFE accounts. It was a long day.

Friday was more of the same, but I did get some time with my library aides. I got my library aides set up on Google Classroom where I’ll be sharing their daily tasks and things like that. Plus, we’ll be collaborating on some documents and spreadsheets together so I had to get them all set up with Google Drive. They chose their desk rotations (any classes with more than three students has to rotate off the desk since there isn’t really room for them all behind the desk). I told them rotations will start Monday. They’ll also be starting training tomorrow. It’s exciting times! I’m hoping I’ll have them all trained by the end of next week, but some of my larger groups might take a little longer. We also had our first class come into the library on Friday. One of our Spanish teachers brought her kids in to get set up on Google Classroom. They were the first students to use our Chromebooks! I had a lot of teachers coming in and out of the library, and it seems like there’s a lot of interest. I can’t wait to see how the library is utilized this year. It’s just all so exciting!


There’s still a lot of work to do. I have some books I haven’t had time to reshelve. I haven’t put up any displays yet. I also want to look into getting some poster frames to hang some of our best posters on the walls. I need to liven the place up a bit before I dig into another big project, like genrefying fiction. I’m ready for the challenges, though. Can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow!


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