This Week in the Library

I’ve made it successfully through the first full week of school. The best part is that my library aides are almost completely trained. They’ll be doing a little practice next week and then they’ll demonstrate everything without help on Friday. Let me talk about how this week went!


I had another group of Spanish classes come in to get signed up for Google Classroom. It hasn’t been as smooth as I think we had hoped since this is the first time we’re introducing GAFE to all grades. There have been several students who still haven’t been set up because their parents didn’t check the permissions box when they registered. I think it will go smoothly next year when most of the students have accounts set up. We also had something like 60 new students this year, so we’ve had to add all of those students. I got in a little library aide training between all the password resetting and account requests. I also got in my book order. So many books to get into the collection. This one was very fiction heavy. The previous librarian bought a lot of paperbacks to save money, but I just think the hardcovers will last longer and will look nicer so I bought mostly hardcovers. A lot of the books on the shelf in this picture were already there before my book order came in so my newest books are the last half of the bottom shelf and piled on the top.



A few periods of aides got to practice checking out books on Tuesday because the psychology classes came in to get their assigned reading books. I also got my snazzy chromebook cart on Tuesday, but I didn’t have time to stick around after school to get all the cording done. I did load all the chromebooks into the cart though.


There was even more check out practice on Wednesday since one of the English teachers brought her classes in to check out books. She’s planning to bring all her classes in once every nine weeks to check out books since she’s giving them twenty minutes of independent reading time every week. This was also our first block day, so I got plenty of time to give my aides a tour of the library and talk to them about shelving and shelf reading. Block days are so nice! After school, I stuck around for a while to wire my chromebook cart. It looks so nice now! There are even a couple of spots for my OPAC ipads and my sign-in chromebooks. It’s great! Now I just need to figure out where it’s going to live.



Thursday I did some technology training! Our school is focusing on learning targets for our students this year, and we did some technology sessions during our Thursday morning collaboration time on how to post their learning targets to Google Drive and link them to their teacher pages on the website. It went pretty well! I’m excited to see what kinds of technology training we’ll get to do throughout the year. More English classes came in to check out books so there was more check out practice. After school, I went to work out and then came back to shelve some of my assigned reading section. I only got to the beginning of 12th grade English, but it’s progress!


We had a pep rally, so the periods were a little shorter. This was probably my favorite day, though. We had craft time and I showed the aides how to wrap books. I don’t buy my books processed, so the library aides help me wrap them when they come in. It was pretty fun. A few of the aides are definitely banned from wrapping books because they did a terrible job. There were a few that were really good, though, and they liked doing it. I know who my go to kids will be when it comes to wrapping books. I’m really excited because I can get all these books processed and work on my new books display. Who doesn’t love new books?


That’s my week in the library with some of the coolest kids in high school. I’m still super excited about this year and still motivated to make my library awesome! It’s a process.



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