This Week in the Library

I totally missed writing my post for the third week of school, and this one is late! Can you tell school is already getting to me? I had two busy weekends, so that’s actually what it is. I have to write about last week, though because it was such a great week!

img_0817-225x300The Doors are Open!

Of course, I’ve been open this whole time, but I’m so excited that I finally got some props installed on my doors. I love them being open. I think it’s so welcoming. I can’t quite say if it’s because of the doors, but I have had more students coming into the library since I opened the doors. Sometimes, they just like to drop in a say hi while they’re on their way somewhere else. I’m really loving it.

Still Training

I’m still sort of in the training stage with my library aides. They know how to do all their tasks now, but sometimes they forget or they don’t take the initiative to do things without being asked. I think we’ll be working on that this month. I’d really like them to be as independent as possible. I do have a few really dedicated kids who are doing a great job with it, though. I did tell them that later in the year I’d like to get them to help me make some cheesy training videos for future library aides. The first few weeks were really rough on me because I had to train them and I was swamped with requests, technology problems, and password resets. It will be nice to get them set up on training while I’m working in future years.

img_0810-300x225New Books!

I had so many books to process after showing my aides how to wrap them. I finally have them all in and displayed. I downsized my magazine collection significantly this year so I’m using my two extra magazine shelves as display shelves. I absolutely love them! They look so good. I’ve already had a bunch of books checked out from the shelf.

I actually have a lot of display space this year because I weeded so much and I had to relocate some of the collection. I might work on a few pull-out sections at some point. For now, I just have a small graphic novels section and a college and career section.

Recommended Books!

img_0819-300x225I made another display of recommended books since I get asked for recommendations all the time. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember what books I’ve loved or I think of books that are already checked out. For this shelf, I just walked through the fiction section and picked out all the books that I’ve read and would recommend. It’s so much easier to point kids to this shelf to browse than to walk them all through the fiction section to find my favorite books. This shelf and the new shelf might stay up throughout the year.

So Many Classes!

11926477_10103233496259441_5821249066191593985_o-300x300Friday was pretty much the best day ever. I had so many classes in the library at the same time! It was glorious. I love a library that is full of classes and learning and noise. It irritates me to no end when students shush each other in the library or teachers tell their students to use their library voice. I want them to be learning and collaborating when they come to the library, so I love it when it’s loud and a little chaotic. Friday was such a great day for that. I had three math classes in the library at one point. One class was just using the library for the spaces, one was using the Chromebooks for group projects, and one was using the lab for a math tech tool. A Spanish class even came in during one of the math teacher’s planning period to do a partner assignment using the Chromebooks. It’s been so nice to see the library getting used so much this year. I’ve only had one or two days this year with an empty library, and it’s been booking like crazy lately, too. I’m just so proud of all my spaces and what they can offer.

This short week has already been really great, so I can’t wait to write more about what’s happening in my library. Have a great Labor Day Week!


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