This Week in the Library

I completely dropped the ball on taking more pictures this week. It was sort of an insane week, though, so I’m giving myself a pass. I’m going to try extra hard to take some this week. I’d really like to work on documenting what’s happening in the library every day. I did get a few pictures of displays, though.

Monday was kind of awful because I got to work and realized that a ceiling tile had fallen in. It was in a study room and not over the books, thank goodness. Still, the floor was soaking wet and it smelled awful. Some of the pipes from the science labs above us had backed up and leaked into the ceiling tiles until they couldn’t hold any more water. They had to come in and vacuum up the water, replace about 10 ceiling tiles, and call a carpet cleaning company to come in and clean the carpet. Now, it smells like a new car in the library. It’s sort of giving me a headache so hopefully the smell will fade soon. It was an eventful Monday, to say the least. I also had a Government class come in to work on some news article responses.

Tuesday was so much better because I had freshmen classes coming in all day to get acquainted with the library and  to pick out books for an independent reading project. I wrote up a short scavenger hunt for them to complete (the first person finished got some candy). I also put up a genre display to help them choose some books and displayed several nonfiction and biography books for them to choose from. It worked out pretty well. Check out my displays!




Wednesday was so nice because it gave me a bit of a break. I tried to spend some time getting through the mountain of email I’m always having trouble mastering. I also took time to work on assigning my library aides certain tasks. Now that we’ve had several weeks to get settled, they’ve chosen their spots behind the desk and I’ve gotten to observe their strengths. I assigned certain tasks to certain people based on that. I think this system will work really well. I have some students who struggle to shelve and I just want them to do other things. I also have some who struggle to count money (even though they’re Seniors), so I don’t want them working the copy and printing station. I did have some good Latin research going on in the library. From what I can tell, I need to build up my books in that area. I’m usually pretty hesitant to buy nonfiction (especially if the same information can be found online), but I think Roman history could use some beefing up after the Great Week of 2015. The huge thing I worked on Wednesday was moving the library’s website and setting up the theme. My pro subscription with Edublogs ended and I decided not to stay with them. I just got a account and I think the website looks really good.

Late in the day on Thursday the tech director stopped by to drop off some new iPads for my OPAC stations. She had nothing but wonderful things to say about the changes I’ve made to the library this year. She loved my displays, some of my signage, and all the activity going on. She was particularly impressed by the number of classes that were reserving the library this year. I really have been booked solid this year. She and I had talked before about how it would be so nice to have two sets of Chromebooks for the library since there are actually two large class areas. When I brought it up again she said that she had already ordered a second set! It felt like Christmas! I was so ecstatic. It was a true testament to how activity and statistics can gain support. I know I’m incredibly lucky to have a tech director who is so supportive. This made my week, especially after the rough beginning of Monday.

Friday was sort of crazy. We were on a pep rally schedule, which means most of the periods are shorter. I had also just received a book order, so I had students helping me wrap the books and prepare them to go out on the shelves. I think we did a pretty good job considering the crazy day. I had a few Speech classes come in throughout the day to work on inspirational speeches that had to include famous quotes.

There’s still so much work to do in the library, but I’m trying to take it one step at a time. I’m already loving the impact the changes are having. Here’s to another great week in the library!


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