This Week in the Library

I guess it’s time to admit that I suck at taking pictures. In my defense, I was insanely busy this week.

Monday the Salvation Army came by to pick up my 80 boxes of books from the Great Weed of 2015. I still have more that I need to ship out, I just haven’t had a chance to box them up. As much as I hate to put any money into getting rid of books, I may have to actually buy some boxes to get rid of the rest of them. While I think the guys who came to pick up the boxes were a little overwhelmed by the load, they also told me to call any time I had anything else to donate. They couldn’t possibly know that I’ll be calling them back very soon.

I was actually out on Tuesday because I was attending a workshop on the new science standards Alabama has adopted. It was a really interesting workshop that got me thinking about how I can assist the science department. It was also nice to just hang out with them since I see them so rarely. I took that opportunity to tell some of them that we were getting mobile carts of Chromebooks they could use in their classrooms. I think they were pretty excited about that. We also got to make a tower as an example of an engineering design activity. It was fun and our tower was boss.


It was so nice to be back with kids on Wednesday, but it was a weird day because we were waiting on our new Chromebooks to arrive. I tried to catch up on a few things while we waited. Eventually, they got there and we started unboxing them and tagging them with our barcodes and all that fun stuff. One of my library aides decided to snap a selfie with my phone while I ran to the desk to grab the phone at one point. These kids…


Thursday was mainly spent enrolling all the Chromebooks for our domain and tagging them with their cart numbers. The carts finally arrived and I let one of my rock star library aides take the lead on getting all the cords set up in the back of carts. He did such a great job with it last time that I got him to teach me how to do it. We got most of it done. I only have to finish up one row in the second cart the next day.

Friday was spent trying to wrap up a few things financially since this is the end of our fiscal year. I also started working on my banned books week display. I had another rock star library aide help me draw and cut out flames from some colored craft paper to make flames. I’m hoping to make a simulated book burning in our display case. I had meant to spend Wednesday and Thursday working on that, but the work with Chromebooks got in the way of it. Hopefully, I can finish it up by the end of first period on Monday. All I really want to do is put up some information about Banned Books Week and hang some fake books up with covers of challenged books. Here’s what I got finished on Friday (and I actually stayed a little late to get this done).


I really want to black out the back of the display case because it can make it difficult to see what’s in there. I keep the library doors open during school anyway, so there’s not much reason for the case to look into the library. We might try putting some black paper on the windows sometime this week.

That was my week! It seems like it wasn’t super eventful, but this also felt like a catch up week for me. Okay, I’m going to try harder at this picture thing this week.


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