This Week in the Library

Banned Books Week

This week was Banned Books Week, which is one of my favorite weeks of the year. I’ve had so many huge projects going on that I didn’t really have time to plan for it. I also had such a busy week this week that I didn’t get a good opportunity to highlight it the way I’d like to. I just put a display in the display case instead. Our tech specialist, Stephanie, had way too much fun hanging books from the ceiling in the display case. I also have to give some major credit to one of my best library aides, Sarah. This display just wouldn’t have happened without her. She helped me draw and cut all the flames and helped Stephanie and I hang up books. Check out the view from the outside of the case with some of the banned books in the flames. Unfortunately, the books all fell down halfway through the week and I didn’t have the time to hang them back up. It was fun while it lasted, I suppose.

img_1033-768x1024 img_1037-768x1024

Genrefying (finally)!

I finally got started on my genrefying project. I had done a little of it with my new books, but I’ve started taking books off the shelves and labeling them according to their genre. I finished the front and back of one shelf, which I think was pretty good considering how busy it was in the library this week. Look at all the pretty colors! I’ve seen other librarians leave theirs interfiled, but my students ask for certain genres enough that I think it will be more beneficial to divide them when I’m done labeling all of them. Since I know I’ll have space left on my shelves, I’m using my top shelves as display areas. I started displaying books in the shelves last year and it really helped the books I displayed get some circs.


I’m also doing a little weeding as I go since I didn’t weed the fiction this summer. I found some interesting things, and I’m sure there will be so much more. Check out this romance novel I found. I opened it to a random page and the first sentence I saw included some pretty detailed sexual activity. I’m not hating on romance, but I chose to weed that one.



The seniors have started their career unit which means there is about to be a lot of research and reading about careers. For now, they’re learning to write resumes and interview. This week they did mock interviews to help prepare them for the real deal later in life. Most of them were interviewed by teachers and couselors. I jumped in to help when I was needed. Thursday, Ben and a couple of his coworkers came to help. It was fun to have him at work and some of the students were really interested in meeting the guy I’m going to marry. He hit it off with a couple of my library aides. It was a lot of fun, but so busy. I never remembered to take any pictures of the kids in their business attire. Some of them looked so nice. They also wrote some really great thank you notes to all the interviewers.

Scavenger Hunt!

Friday I had one of the freshmen English teachers bring her classes in for some quick scavenger hunts. It was just an opportunity to meet me, get into the library, learn how it works, and learn where everything is. I put this together last minute this year, but I’m hoping I can expand it and make it a little better next year. They were really competitive and I think they had fun. They were pretty adorable. Here’s some pictures of them rushing to be the first to finish.


img_1053-768x1024 img_1055-768x1024 img_1052-768x1024

It was such a good week. I didn’t take many pictures of the classes that came in, but I had people in the library all week. I had a Science class and History class in Monday and Tuesday. I had an English class in Wednesday and Thursday, plus the interviews. The scavenger hunts were all for Friday. I also had both mobile Chromebook carts checked out all week. They’ve barely been in the library since we got them. I can’t wait to see what awesome things happen next week! It’s our Homecoming week, so it’s sure to be a lot of fun and pretty crazy.



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