This Week in the Library


I’m currently up to my eyeballs in genrefying the fiction, which is why I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. There’s just not enough to report since I’m almost exclusively working on that to get it done as quickly as possible. I’ll try to write my own guide to how I genrefied. It’s been a great opportunity to weed and add some things to my buy list. I have tons of old 70s and 80s YA that no one is interested in (made even more clear by their nonexistent circulation statistics). I also have several incomplete series that I’m hoping I can buy sometime. I’m also starting to discover what areas I’m low in (particularly Horror and Sports) and perhaps the need for another category. I’m going to finish genrefying with my current categories and see how things circulate for at least a year before I decide to add anything.

After a local librarian’s meeting, I also started labeling series as I work through genrefying. It drives me crazy when books are shelved in order of their series, so I’m hoping this will help. One of my librarian friends just uses a label maker to label her books so I’ve started doing the same. I’m already loving it.


Busy Library Aides!

My library aides have also kept busy. I’ve been so busy with genrefying that they’ve really helped by answering basic troubleshooting questions, removing labels from weeded books, and withdrawing weeded books. We’re boxing up some of the best-looking and useful books, but we’re trashing most of them. I’m hesitant to get rid of Fiction unless it’s old and musty or just not circulating, so most of the weeded Fiction isn’t worth handing off to anyone else. They also helped a little with labeling the reading list books and graphic novels as they’re returned to the library.


I’ve also spent some time planning for the rest of this month and next month. Next week is Teen Read Week, so my co-worker and I did some planning the other day and hopefully what we’ve planned will work out well next week. We’ll see! We’re doing a fun beach themed display in the display case since the theme is “Get Away at your library.” I’ve noticed a lot of people are doing programming about traveling and different places in the world. We’re focusing more on relaxation and taking some time away from the stress of school. Books are always a good way to do that, but we’re also working on some more active ways to relax. I’m also doing an amnesty week where I waive fines for all overdue books turned in next week. Hopefully, I’ll get some books back that students have been avoiding turning in for fear of fines.

I also put up a cool Like Then Try display for some of my more popular books. I think it’s pretty cute.


I also finally got up my Safe Space sign at my desk. It’s really important to me that all of our students know that I care for and support them. I want to send a message letting them know they can talk to me or come to me if they need anything. The sign also prompted some great conversations with some of my library aides about respecting others, even when you don’t agree with them or understand what they’re going through.


That’s basically the past two weeks. I did have a couple of classes come in to work on research, but I wasn’t very involved in that since they were Seniors and are usually on top of their research. I should have plenty to write about next week since I’m hoping for a lot of activity in the library.


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