Genrefying, Cleaning, and NEW BOOKS!

We’re back in school for the second semester of my second year at HTHS. It was only a three day week for the students, but I was there all week. It was a pretty productive week and I’m excited about this semester. The winter break never feels like enough because it’s always so busy. I did have a few days to relax and refresh, though. Wednesday was the best day because I got to see my library aides for the first time in a few weeks. I even adopted a few new library aides.


I spent a large chunk of last semester weeding the Fiction section and putting colored label covers on the books in preparation to move them into sections based on their genres. The very last day of the semester, I took all the books off the selves and organized them on the tables by their genre. It didn’t take as long as it probably seems like it would, but it was a lot of work. I mostly did this myself because I wanted to make sure it was done correctly.


This probably looked insane to the teachers in there for professional development, but it made complete sense to me.


The shelves looked completely scavenged during the process.

I came into work on Monday specifically to reshelve all these books into their sections. Again, I just wanted it all done pretty quickly and efficiently and without a huge mess while the students were here, so I just did it myself. Plus, reshelving involved some mapping out on my part. It took me a good four hours or so to get it all back on the shelves, but that means the books were only off the shelves for two days.


I left the top shelves open because I’m putting signs and a couple of display books there. The weeding I did this year left me with a good amount of shelf space, specifically in the Fiction area. I placed my smallest sections on the front shelf so they wouldn’t get lost in the sea of realistic fiction and fantasy.


Here’s what it looks like now that I have the signs and display books up. Let me tell you, those display books at the top are really effective. Those disappear like crazy and I have to replace them constantly. At some point, I’ll play around with displaying bottom shelf books or low-circulating books to see if it will encourage some kids to pick them up.


I feel like I’ve bought so many new books this year, and I’m not even done. I mean, I’m going to have to buy some of the award winners when they’re announced (which is tomorrow and I’m so pumped). Part of the reason I’ve spent a lot on books this year is that I bought a lot of them at the beginning of year, then I subscribed to Junior Library Guild. Contrary to popular belief, librarians don’t get to sit around and read all the time. Plus, I don’t like everything my kids like. While I try to keep up with reviews, I fall behind on that a lot too. Junior Library Guild makes these awesome packages I can subscribe to, so I subscribed to the ones I don’t read or have trouble keeping up with (like sports and nonfiction). Well, I got my first box!


I’m currently signed up for six categories, so I’ll get six books each month. New books day is one of my favorite days, so I’m really pumped about this.


I also got some books off their backlist for free for signing up. I think I picked some pretty awesome ones!


I can already tell that Spring is going to be an active semester in the library. This is research season for English classes and they’re getting started next week. I’m also really excited about our Pharmacy class moving into the library’s conference room for the independent study portion of their class. I was just trying to decide how that room could be used more often.


I mean, look at that calendar. It’ pretty intense already. I spent a pretty good amount of time scheduling people places and make sure everyone had a space or the technology they needed.


So, I moved out of my office at the beginning of the year because I felt I needed to spend more time at the desk and out in the library. I still feel that way and I definitely think moving out of the office was the right choice. That space is really large and has a lot of potential, so I would like to brainstorm some student uses for that space. My intention was to make a work space in the work room for me to use when I needed less distraction, but the work room has been full of junk for most of the year. Now that I’m finished genrefying fiction, I took some time to get it all cleaned out and start using it.


Check out that second work space. I even used it this week when I was adding books to the catalog. I love my library aides and I love that I’ve built great relationships with them, but sometimes I’m working on things that require concentration when they want to talk to me. This will allow me to get away for a bit while I’m working on those types of things.

That was quite a busy, productive week and I’m excited to get back into the swing of things next week with classes meeting in the library again and working with students on research.


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