October Library Report

The month is almost up, which means it’s time for another library report. Since I’m doing this report today, October 31st will be counted in my November report.

october circulation

This is more like it! Again, the previous year data combined August and September due to our late start. That’s why those stats are way above the October data. It looks like we just needed to settle into school before we could get the kids into the library. I’m so excited that the stats have gone up this much! I think the reading marathon has a lot to do with it and I have to give props to three amazing English teachers who are offering classroom incentives to students who participate: Mrs. deShazo, Mrs. Romano, and Ms. Capps. You all are the best!

october collaborations

Hooray! I have comparative data on collaborations now. This graph looks a bit dramatic for a difference of 3 collaborations, but I think it will make more sense in the future when I have more data. As I mentioned in my last report, the first month of school always shows a spike because I have Freshman Library Orientation. There will probably be another spike in the Spring when all the Freshman are doing research in English.

october items in the library

I got a handful of books this month. Large book orders are relatively rare and I only do things like that when I have state money to spend or a large donation. I do subscribe to Junior Library Guild, so we get at least six books every month.

october circulation by section

I decided to look at some comparative data when it comes to circulation by section. I just always find the trends interesting. Fiction skyrocketed due to an independent reading collaboration with a teacher and the reading marathon. It’s nice to see a couple of other things climb, like Nonfiction and Biography. I’m a little surprised to see graphic novels go down. I know I need to purchase a little more in that section, but I think I also need to try selling those to some of my marathon participants.

Hottest Books This Month

the final four the fault in our stars 51kn7xogzyl-_sx258_bo1204203200_

payback time a christmas carol the suffering

Well, I think this goes to show that multiple copies do make a difference. I have multiple copies of every single one of these and they checked out really well this month. I think it might be a good idea to take a look at the circulation data of books over time and purchase a couple of extra copies of those that circulate really well. I also might be more likely to buy multiple copies of really great new books with a lot of buzz. It’s difficult to make that decision with limited funding, but I might find a way to make it work. I have a suspicion that the popularity of A Christmas Carol is about the length of the book for those who are unwillingly reading in their English classes. As always, the ACT prep is very popular.

Things have settled a bit now that we’re closing in on the first nine weeks. I’ve found some time to work on some of the behind the scenes library projects, like adding donated books to the collection and repairing some of the books on my carts.

img_2995 img_2996 img_2997

Here’s to another great month at HTHS Library!


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