November Library Report

It’s time for another monthly library report! This has been the busiest month of the year, so far. Let’s look at some data.

nov 2016 circulation

I’m excited to see that the circulation stats are still going strong and higher than previous years. I got quite a bump last month from the choice reading assignment that Mr. Dove did with his class, so that’s why this month is a bit lower. The total circulation is 773 and I’m pretty happy with that.

nov 2016 collaboration

I’m pretty excited to get one more collaboration that I ever have this month. Two of my collaborations are in the planning stages right now, so those were just with the teachers. The rest are classes, which is really exciting. This is how librarians get directly involved with student learning and it’s a huge reason I wanted to work in a school library. This month I assisted Mrs. Romano with conferencing and teaching her students good writing and editing skills. We’re hoping this will help when we begin work on their research papers in January. Mrs. Taylor’s 10th grade classes came in to start their research paper. I showed them some of the resources on the AVL and reminded them how to find books using the OPAC. I spent most of the class period helping students evaluate sources, navigate databases, and find books. Ms. Bowers’s 9th graders came in to work on a short research project relating to To Kill a Mockingbird. I gave them some pointers on the databases and online encyclopedias to use to find their info and helped them navigate some of the websites. It was a busy month, but working with students is my favorite thing to do and I usually go home with a smile on my face at the end of those days.

nov 2016 items

We got another small jump in the number of books added. I got two shipments of my monthly book subscriptions added and a few books I had ordered this summer that I still hadn’t gotten in. I’m hoping to do a little more collection development in the Spring to add some of this year’s new releases.

nov 2016 circ by section

Again, you can see that big Fiction bump I got last month from Mr. Dove’s choice reading assignment. Nonfiction crept up a bit (probably due to the research project). Assigned reading also crept back up, which could be the reason so many other categories are down. Students are too busy reading for class to do much else. We’re coming up on crunch time for the semester, so I’m not expecting much in the way of reading from the students. I might make a holiday reading guide to encourage them, but I imagine many of them are schooled out and just want a brain break for the holidays.

Hottest Books This Month

act prep guide simon the misadventures of awkward black girl

march the hot zone

born to run bleeding earth

I’ll be honest, there wasn’t a huge book this month that everyone was reading, so it’s pretty much a tie for all the books other than the ACT prep book. That’s pretty much a staple of my “most read books” lists each month. I do find all the others interesting, especially those nonfiction picks. I have to say I’m excited Simon is getting some attention since it’s one of my favorite books. I’d also like to note that the third volume of March just won the National Book Award.

I had good intentions to do some behind the scenes book work last month. While I did get some of that done, I ended up doing more class collaboration than expected (which is awesome), so I think December will be a good time to pick up with some book repair, new additions, and a little weeding. We’re in the home stretch to the end of this semester!


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