December-January Library Report

Well, I didn’t do a report post for December because I knew so much of it would be lean. Those stats are going to be included in this report for both December and January. Let’s look at some numbers!

total circulation - january

I swapped the way the circulation graph works because this one will be more readable for looking at stats the rest of the year. It looks like my circulation is still looking good this year. I didn’t have circulation data from December of last year, but this year was higher than 2014. I also didn’t quite reach the circulation of January 2014, but I was only 12 circulations off and we did have some weather days last month. The total circulation was 596.

collaborations - january

I had a small collaboration month in December. That’s always expected since teachers start prepping students for exams. January was pretty amazing. I worked on an in depth research project with Mrs. Romano’s classes and Mrs. Brown’s English class. It was a total collaboration co-teaching project that got me some really high collaboration numbers. There were also a few other classes I worked with that month on a much smaller scale. My collaboration number for January was 68!

item count - january

My item count kept climbing in December, but dipped back down a bit in January due to a small weeding project I worked on. I renewed by subscription to Junior Library Guild and even added two categories, so I’ll have at least 96 books added from them in 2017. I also recently put in a book order for some award-winning books I didn’t own with the rest of my State Library Enhancement money. I have some weeding projects coming up later in the semester, so we’ll see what happens with the numbers.

circulation by section - january

This graph was getting out of hand so I have to start stacking it. I kind of like this way of looking at it because it also shows the total circulation of sections. Fiction and Assigned Reading books are always big players. It’s interesting to see that Nonfiction and Graphic Novels are on close footing. All in all, I’d say January was a pretty solid circulation month.

Hottest Books This Month

These books are on pretty even footing. There was a huge book every kid wanted to read. The two nice surprises are The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I do have multiple copies of Henrietta Lacks so it’s a little easier for that one to circulate in a smaller amount of time. Sarah Dessen’s books are always popular. The other three books I think were products of Mr Dove’s choice reading assignment. A lot of the 9th grade boys like to read books in groups, so the fact that I have multiple copies of those books probably led to those choices.

I have tons of research collaboration lined up for the next two months so I’m hoping to maintain some nice collaboration stats. I also built in some breaks to get to other things like processing incoming books, repairing some books, working on some of my inventory, and doing a little weeding. I’m definitely looking forward to an awesome February.


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