February Library Report

I apologize for this report being late. I had a very busy March and could never find any time to sit down and put all the data together. Usually, I can plan a day to work on my report and newsletter, but I was working with English classes back to back on research.


total circ feb 2017

It looks like we have a lower circulation in February than previous years. Some of this is my doing, I think. In the past a lot of library money has been spent on “research books.” That is, books that are designed specifically for school research projects and contain facts and essays that could easily be found using online sources. I find these books to be overpriced for what they offer, especially since they’re only used once a year. I’m starting to steer students away from those and toward the online databases offered through the Alabama Virtual Library. Don’t worry! I’m not saying that I tell students not to use books, but I save my suggestions of print materials for valuable materials that contain information that isn’t easily found online. It does mean that there are less books being used during research season, though.

collab feb 2017

I worked with a few less classes in March. Basically, I felt almost complete burnout after January. I had to build myself in some days to do the other million things a librarian does. I always prepare myself to be busy during Spring semester, but there are still things other than teaching that I have to do. I’d say February was a pretty good mix.

items feb 2017

I spent the rest of my State Library Enhancement money on books so my item number jumped up. It’s nice to see, but I do have a few weeding projects to work on in the next year or so.

circ by section feb 2017

We had a small growth in the nonfiction circulation (I assume, due to research). We also had a small growth in the circulation of graphic novels. My last book order included some additions to that section so my dedicated comic readers jumped on those, I’m sure. As always, fiction remains the big contender with assigned reading books coming in second.

Hottest Books This Month

Hate List and Thirteen Reasons Why are on a reading list (which I normally don’t include in this part of the report), but they were not assigned in February so I found it interesting that they topped the most circulated books. Both have been out for quite a while so it’s nice that they have such staying power. Thirteen Reasons Why has been adapted into a TV series that will release on Netflix later this year. The Widow has been a popular book for the past year. We have some pretty strong mystery-thriller readers at HTHS. I’m happy to see The Iron King getting some reading action. It’s the first of one of my favorite fantasy series. Heartless and Everything Everything are relatively new releases. Everything Everything has been adapted into a movie that will release in May of this year.


That’s it for my February report. The March report should be on time since I have a nice Spring Break week to put it together.


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