March Library Report

Another month down, another report! March was a relatively lean month in all areas. It’s expected around Spring Break time. After Spring Break it gets pretty lean, as well. I’ll have a small amount of collaboration going on, but most classes go into their end-of-the-year mode. They’re getting in the last of their standards and content. Some are beginning to review for exams, even though this year exams fall later than usual. There’s also a good amount of standardized testing happening.

I’m not sure why Google Sheets turned my months backwards, but it did. You now read it from most recent month to least recent month. I know those circulation stats look pretty amazing, but don’t get too excited. This is the time of year that start trying out new ideas for next year. One of them was moving to checking chromebooks out to students instead of allowing them to take them from the cart as needed. It’s been a adjustment for the students, but several of them like it and keep their chromebook for use during the day in their various classes. I think it works well for those kids who don’t have a device to bring with them to school. It does mean that my circulation stats will jump up overall from now on.

I had a good number of collaborations this month due to wrapping up research with one teacher’s classes and starting research with another teacher’s classes. This number was a relatively comfortable one with my work load, though I was still very busy pretty much all month. I did quite a lot of teaching and working with students this month, but I did build in some time for my other duties, which helped.

After a big purchase month, I had a lull with only 12 new additions to the collection. I expect April will be similar, though I received a lovely donation from the Trussville Literary Club that I hope to put toward some book purchases by the end of the year. I’ll probably buy a few copies of our summer reading selections for this year so that students in need will be able to borrow them instead of buy them.

Here are some better stats to look at if you’re only interested in book circulation. I had the largest circulation of my Nonfiction last month (I assume, due to a few research projects). That was a nice spike to see, but probably the lowest circulation of my Fiction. Again, I would assume this was partly due to so many students being involved in research projects and reading assignments in class.

Unfortunately, I only have two popular checkouts from last month. It was a busy month for the students, so I think a lot of them had to abandon reading. I completely understand that feeling!

That’s it for the March report. It’s full speed ahead for the rest of the year and I already have my thoughts set on planning for next year and starting a couple of end-of-the-year improvement projects.


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