April Library Report

We’re starting to wind down with only five weeks of school left and many of those weeks are devoted to testing. We’ve started AP exams and seniors will begin their exams on May 24th. I’ve started working on some of my end-of-year projects since I have very few collaboration opportunities this late in the year. I’m hoping to improve the library even more four our students next year.

Well, it seems the Spring is prime collaboration time. I’m kind of impressed that I got 28 collaborations in this late in the year. I suppose it’s a product of our year ending a little later than usual. On the days there weren’t collaborations happening, the library spaces were packed! We had a lot of testing, displacements, and teachers coming in to use the library technology. I think I might include the use of our spaces in my reports next year.

I almost forgot about the spike in circulation due to Chromebook checkouts. Between those and calculators, my top circulation category is definitely technology. It makes me wonder if I should start offering some other tech, like portable chargers and charging cords.

The big section this month was Fiction. We have some choice reading assignments going on right now, so some of those checkouts are due to that. We also have a couple of English classes reading assigned books, so the assigned reading saw a bit of a bump this month. My nonfiction circulation really went down and I’m not exactly sure why. I’m working to reshelve the nonfiction in a more appealing way with more browsing capability, so we’ll see what that does to circulation in those areas.

The item count went down this month. I did add a few books, but I’ve also been weeding a few here and there as I work through the nonfiction to reshelve. I doubt I’ll pull many books for withdrawal since we did a large weed of the collection a couple of years ago. The numbers will probably decrease a bit more, though, since there are a few sections we didn’t get to and I’m hoping to go through those this summer and next year.


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