State of the Library: August 2017

Happy Friday! It’s been a busy and productive month in the library. We haven’t seen many classes yet, but we’ve been getting a lot of behind the scenes work done. I’ll be sharing that in an upcoming blog post. For now, here’s how the library is doing.

August tends to be more of a training and planning month for me, so I had five teacher collaborations that will hopefully yield some class collaborations later in the year. Can’t wait to see this number grow!

We had a huge circulation month compared to past years, which is very exciting. I’m not totally sure what led the charge on that except that I’ve had tons of kids in the library checking out books and technology almost since day one. I hope we can keep these numbers up.

You can see technology is the most circulated area and will probably continue to be throughout the year. There are always students in here checking out chromebooks and calculators. I’m surprised, but pleased to see our nonfiction circulation so high. I’m not sure if I can expect that to continue.

Huge drop in item numbers for two reasons. This summer I turned on a feature that automatically marks books lost in the system if they have been overdue for more than 60 days. I’m hoping this will be a new way for me encourage students to turn books in on time, keep them from accruing huge fines, and encourage them to renew their books (which they can do as many times as they like). There are nearly 1,000 lost holdings now, so I’ll be working to see what the story is with all of those soon. I also did some much-needed weeding of the history section. Getting rid of old and worn books helps students see all the newer books on the shelves and gives us more room to grow the collection with shiny new titles. I also finally removed the extremely old story collection section that I weeded last year. I’m hoping to spend most of my budget on books, but I do have a couple more weeding projects this year, so our number may still decrease. Once the weeding projects this year are finished, we can spend some time adding lots of new titles.

That’s the state of the library this month. I hope to have a new books post up soon featuring some of our most recent purchases. I’m also hoping to do a post about some of the behind the scenes work that’s been going on in the library the past month.


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