State of the Library: September 2017

It’s October! October is my favorite month. I’m not really that into holidays in general, but I absolutely love Halloween. It’s just so fun and creepy. I’ve had no time for more blogging, but maybe I can fit some other blog posts in this month. For now, here are some stats!

Collaborations have started! These were mostly my annual Freshmen library orientation, but it’s always so much fun to meet all the Freshmen and start getting them acquainted with coming to the library. I also got to collaborate with the engineering classes for the first time! It was so great to help them with their research.

Looks like circulation is a little under what it was in 2015 (I assume due to the Fall Read assignment that year), but it higher than other years. It’s always nice to see that. I’ve been really pleased with the circulation this year.

The fiction circulation stayed this month and nonfiction took a nose-dive down, which is expected. I think the high nonfiction numbers last month were more a part of inventory than anything else. Lots of technology checked out this month! Between calculators and chromebooks, that’s always the big contender. Assigned reading is in full swing, so that number crept up. I’m also happy to see some people checking out more graphic novels this month.

I decided to add a couple of charts because I want to start exploring what areas of fiction and nonfiction are more popular. Romance looks to be the most-read sections, which I could have guessed. I always have plenty of girls in the library checking out new teen romances. I’ve always found it interesting how many students we have who love mysteries and thrillers. It’s an area I always make sure I’m buying more books for so I can feed that love of suspense.

Looks like we have some history buffs at HTHS. I’ve never looked at the numbers for nonfiction closely and I find it very interesting. I’m mostly impressed by the number of Philosophy and Psychology books being checked out. That’s a rather small section, so maybe I need to focus on adding more there.

I’m so surprised and pleased to see this number jump back up. We’ve been doing a good bit of weeding. I never finished the weeding project I started three years ago. Now that I have some help, we’ve started back up to get the old, musty books moved out and make room for some nice, new ones. It looks like we added several more than we deleted this month though. That’s happy news! It probably won’t be true next month because we’ll we working on the Biography section and it is in dire need of some weeding.


That’s the state of the library for September! Hopefully, I can find some time this month to write a few other blog posts. I have big plans and always a million things to do so we’ll see. Happy reading!


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