State of the Library: October 2017

This year is flying by! I can’t believe it’s November. This is a super busy month for me professionally because I’m attending a conference, some committee meetings, and presenting at a conference. Plus, we have the holidays. It might make for a lean month on stats. October was anything but lean. Let’s look at some data!

My collaboration numbers are steadily rising, which is exciting. I had another teacher’s freshmen in for library orientation, talked to students about Wikipedia, taught some engineering students about research, and did some planning with a few teachers for November.

The October circulation went through the roof. I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll put the section breakdown below, but basically the circulation of our three most popular sections doubled or tripled. The total circulation was 1675, which is a number I don’t think I’ve ever seen here. I’m so excited about it!

This graph was getting out of hand, so I’m only going to show this month’s stats. Looking at the raw data, I noticed that Fiction circulation doubled, the Assigned Reading circulation tripled, and the equipment (calculators and chromebooks) circulation doubled. Basically, the library was rocking last month.

Even though the Fiction doubled, the breakdown stayed the same. Sports dropped and Action and Adventure dropped completely off. This may be more of an issue with there not being as much to choose from in those areas. I’m definitely taking note of all this to guide my future purchases.

Nonfiction rose a little more than last month, but it’s still pretty low right now. Here’s the breakdown of what’s being used, though. There are some choice reading initiatives that are underway that I’m hoping will get some nonfiction circulating and introduce some of our students to narrative nonfiction. I’ve started buying more of that for student interest, but I haven’t had many kids wade into the narrative nonfiction waters yet.

Don’t panic! We’ve almost finished our weeding project, which included cleaning out the AV closet and getting rid of TONS of old VHS tapes, cassette tapes, and even some slides and film for old slide projectors and film projectors. We also weeding our Biographies. It looks like a lot in the graph, but was time for all of it to go. I promise! We still need to weed the professional collection and our equipment closet so the number might get a little smaller. Weeding is healthy and makes it easier to find things in the collection. School libraries are living collections that should be used, so there’s no use in keeping things that aren’t circulating.


Well, that’s the state of the library for October! One of these days I’ll sit down and write about my collaborations. Happy reading!


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