State of the Library: November 2017

I can’t believe the semester is almost over! I’m working with a few classes this week and then it’s just behind the scenes library work until the Spring semester. Next week exams start and we’ll be doing some organization work. There were a few holidays last month and I assumed that would mean lean stats. I was wrong!

My number of collaborations only dipped a little bit. These numbers seems small to me, but I have to keep reminding myself that most of my collaboration work happens during our Spring semester. I’m trying to gear up for my busy season.

The circulation had a huge increase! I’m so excited to see these numbers. I know that this is due in part to an increase in chromebook circulation. We’ve been running out of the ones at the desk and had to pull them out of our cart to check out during that time. I’m happy to report, though, that both Fiction and Nonfiction circulation have increased by quite a lot. Fiction circulation almost doubled this month.

As I said, Fiction nearly doubled (and it doubled last month, so it’s rising). Nonfiction was a little over double last month. Chromebooks can calculators only rose slightly, so most of the circulation increases are actually due to book circulation which is AWESOME.

The circulation break down is basically the same as it has been all year except for an increase in circulation of Sports fiction and Classics. This chart will probably change a bit next semester (maybe even next month) due to some changes we’ve made to the way books in our Assigned Reading section are classified.

A HUGE increase in the circulation of our Technology and Religion nonfiction. I’ve recently purchased some new titles in these areas so I’m assuming that’s why. There was a slight increase in Science and pretty much everything else decreased.

After our large weeding of the Biography section and our AV closet, we got a little increase due to a book order. It looks small on the chart but it’s the largest addition we’ve made to the library this year, so far.


That’s the state of the library for November! Here’s a link to the raw data if you’re a data nerd like me and you want to look at specific numbers. I’ve been working on so many behind the scenes projects that I haven’t given myself any time to write about them or my collaborative work, but I hope I can make that happen one of these days. It might be next year though. Until next time, Happy Reading!


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