Teacher Resources

If you would like any assistance using any of these resources with your class, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Literacy Resources

NewsELA –  Nonfiction literacy and current events resource. NewsELA includes quizzes that encourage close reading. They also have text collections focusing on various topics relating to social studies and literature.

CommonLit – Free fiction and nonfiction literacy resources. CommonLit provides resources, curriculum, and assessment resources for middle and high school levels. There are pre-made lessons that teachers can share with their students and track their progress through the related assessments. It would be an excellent resource for introducing or exploring a theme being covered in class.

TweenTribune – Another nonfiction literacy resource with tons of articles that can be assigned to classes. This service includes quizzes and weekly lesson plans.

Scrible – Scrible is a bookmarlet and toolbar that is available as a Chrome extension. It allows students to highlight and annotate websites. Those annotations can be saved and shared by hyperlink. There is also a great built in citation tool. Most of Scrible’s features are free. There are some nice perks that come with the paid version, which is only $10 a year.

Primary Sources

Library of Congress – Library of Congress is the largest library in the world, including tons of primary source documents. They are constantly digitizing and offering free access to these documents. They also offer digital collections on specific subjects.

Digital Public Library of America – This is a portal that collects free digital resources from libraries and museums around the country, including tons of primary sources. They have some great primary source sets centered around social studies themes and literature.

National Archives – This is the nation’s record keeper similar to the Library of Congress. They’ve been working diligently to provide access to digital resources and digitize some of the physical records they have. They also offer digital collections and information for educators.

DocsTeach – This is a product of the National Archives made specifically for classroom activity and integration.

Media History Digital Library – a collection of classic media periodicals in the public domain.